How Digital Marketing helped a grocery store in Auckland scale up its operations!

How Digital Marketing Helped a Grocery Store in Auckland

Digital marketing does wonders for a business. Much of this is due to the fact that social media and the internet are the most consumed and trusted media platforms. Social media is the first platform which has really given voice to people. The masses trust the social media more than any other platform on earth.

Being a full spectrum digital marketing agency, we thought that we would share a success story with our readers. This particular grocery store, the name of which we cannot disclose due to legal restrictions, was a fairly new and a small store competing with well-established players in the local market. The owner was a cheeky young fellow with a fire in his belly. He was a person who never knew when to quit, but, the business situation was such that he was barely surviving. He had ideas and dreams about his business which needed some execution. The only question was how…

With a simple website and a Facebook page, this store was not going anywhere good. That’s when the owner of the establishment contacted us with his business issues.

Now, when a business owner approaches us, we really don’t expect or want him to understand the technicalities of digital marketing. For that, there are numerous blogs spreading free information, most of which is just not actionable. We just want the business owner to trust us and tell us where he wants to move his business to. That’s what we exactly asked this fellow also.

Well, he wanted growth. So, we had to give him a tactical solution. First things first, the website was bland and we needed to pimp it up in a simple and a minimal way. The website was redone to provide utility and experience to the visitors. We added a shopping cart to the site and integrated a logistic solution system into it.

The second part was marketing. Needless to say, all the focus had to be kept on providing local search results. So, we used every social platform that mattered to the local population. We created some really awesome art for the client and then used a perfect mix of SMM and SEM to promote the service. Also, we handled the online PR so the brand visibility was absolute.

Results: 400x growth in a matter of 105 days. The client now has absolute online dominance in the local area and enjoys top ranks.

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